Not only do we understand business, we understand life. We will help you achieve your personal best at work and at play with our in-depth understanding of psychology, business and relationships. Our expertise and experience will create a whole you as you accelerate to greater potential. Meet the team...

"Our passion is your success"

Coaching is our natural passion and we have developed all of the psychology and tools to make our knowledge and experience work for you. We believe in the pursuit of excellence and that we must connect our passion with our work in order to excel. We feel that everyone, regardless of your level of success, needs the support and the partnership that we provide. We are going to make sure that you are not only growing your business, but you have the tools to make your relationships better, and your life easier. We are always there for you with a full commitment to your success.

“It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel when the secrets of success have already been discovered. We just need to learn how to make them work for us, our way!”

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Troy J. Henson

President / Executive Business Coach

Troy is a professional who has a clear vision, purpose, path, and has always set his compass on his dream and created it. His gift is paying it forward to help others.

“Troy understands people, he understands business, and he understands you.”

Coach Troy is not your typical entrepreneur. He’s an entrepreneur that began his career by coaching and training entrepreneurs.  Starting at the age of 23, in a field where experience counts, Coach Troy built his entire career backwards. Instead of climbing the corporate ladder and then stepping out onto his own in the consulting world, Coach Troy took one giant leap straight out of college and right into the world of entrepreneurialism starting his very own business coaching and consulting company. With a dynamic vision, energy, passion, and guts Coach Troy has earned his respect by coaching, training, and speaking to thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals for over ten years.

Troy is a graduate of Coach U, the world’s largest Coaching Training School, holds a Psychology degree from the University of California, at Santa Barbara, as well as a minor degree in Sports Management. He spent 10 years as a United States Professional Tennis Association Tennis Instructor, competed and coached the UC Santa Barbara Tournament Water Ski Team for 4 years, has been a certified trainer with the Referral Institute, is a Senior Director Consultant with BNI, the worlds largest word of mouth marketing company, is a professionally trained speaker through Toastmasters International, and still finds time to maintain a single digit golf handicap.

As a business and executive coach Troy understands people, he understands business, and he understands you. He combines his innate understanding of people and relationships with an in-depth command of business strategies. He not only provides the strategy and roadmap to transform your business, but goes beneath the surface to get you to become the master of your own success.

“I believe in order to reach great levels of success we must put our passion in action, learn from every experience, and settle for nothing less than excellence!” – Troy


Kay Oliver

Executive Mentor / Relationship Psychiatry

Kay is an intuitive problem solver and natural born leader.

Kay was born with a level of intuition that is a unique and powerful gift working with people. She gets you, not at the surface but at your heart. Kay has a passion and love for helping people as well as an innate skill for leadership and problem solving.

Kay has been a pioneer in the nursing industry helping to break through ceilings for women in medicine. She is one of the first Nurse Practitioners to own her own Psychiatric Private Practice and has for 30 years.

Kay earned her Masters Degree in Psychiatric Nursing at OHSU, Oregon Health Science University, training with George Saslow, MD, Head of Psychiatry at OHSU Medical School, Portland, OR. She was part of the development team opening the first Acute Crisis Unit for Psychiatric Care and training the Medical Residents and Interns.

Because of her specialized training at OHSU, she was recruited to bring the Psychiatric Clinical Specialist Role to Queens Hospital, Honolulu, HI.  She was the second Clinical Specialist in HI, a groundbreaking role for nurses.  This role has subsequently become the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner role which enabled her to own her own private practice.

Kay is an expert problem solver with the extraordinary skill to read a situation, quickly assess the core issue, and facilitate crucial structural as well as personal changes to improve efficiency and produce results. Her ability to facilitate dramatic personal changes stems from her highly tuned level of intuition and ability to connect with people at a heart level.

Kay is the partner any team wishes to have. Efficient, productive, natural leader, with the ability to see beyond the surface level to connect with your emotional core and help you put your passion in action.