Three strategies for productivity
Quick tips to improve your strategic thinking, planning, and execution and increase your productivity today

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Payoffs vs Priorities


If you want to generate more business, you must make this focus shift. Here’s a quick and easy exercise to get started. Just follow the simple steps and you’ll see major momentum shift in less than a month.



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8 Mindset Secrets for Business Growth Mindset #3


I am responsible for my success. I am not a victim to the circumstances of life.

There are always circumstances. I choose to let my dreams define who I am and not the circumstances that surround me. I have a choice of how I perceive my circumstances. I choose to be responsible for everything that surrounds me. If I don’t like it, I have the power to change how it affects me.


8 Mindset Secrets for Business Growth – Mindset #2

surrender   I surrender to the necessity of my dreams! There are things I like to do and things I don’t like to do on the pathway to fulfilling my dreams. In order for me to reach my destination, I have to do both; there’s no way around it. Along the way I will build systems and structures to remove many of the tasks I don’t like. Until then, I surrender to what needs to be done regardless of how I feel about doing them. The fulfillment of my dreams has greater value than the temporary pleasure of avoiding an uncomfortable task along the way.


8 Mindset Secrets for Business Growth- Mindset #1

think diffI work harder on my mindset than I do anything else.

My greatest challenge is simply overcoming my own limiting beliefs and fears. Each day I consciously create my powerful and inspiring mental attitude for the day. I deliberately choose my thoughts to serve my greatest good based on confidence, strength, and abundance.


Strategic Planning: The Real Value of Going Back to the Drawing Board

chalk boardYou know that expression, “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans?” Well, substitute “life” for “business” and we’ve just coined ourselves a sparkly new cliché that could not ring more true.

But before we take this catchy new phrase straight to the bank, let’s consider for a moment that not all planning is created equal. In fact, if we invest in the right kind of planning we actually prepare ourselves for the uncertainties that lie ahead, rather than trying to predict them.

The magic in strategic planning does not lie in some futile attempt to map out every venture our business will embark upon over the next year. As our new cliché suggests, business is subject to far too many unknowns to politely yield to whatever course you decide to route.

The real value of strategic planning lies in developing the framework — the strategy, if you will — for real-time decision making that ensures the direction of our business remains steadfastly aimed towards its vision.