Create Your Beautiful Business




Wednesday, January 4 and Thursday, January 5, 2012
9:00am – 5:00pm
The Lamar Day Spa

Enjoy a 16-hour retreat over 2-days to create a strategy for your business in 2012.

Hosted by Troy Henson (Be! Coaching) and Maria Radloff (Via Maria). The retreat will offer a day of putting together your marketing strategy and a day of creating your business plan, with goal setting.

The purpose of this retreat is to help entrepreneurs and the self-employed to find the time, in a relaxing setting, to focus solely on his/her business, without being interrupted by the chaos of the normal work day.

This retreat is for entrepreneurs who have been in business at least a year and have some experience with running a business. The retreat will focus on businesses with 1-3 people, generally without “staff”, that provide a service, such as healing, arts, nutrition, professional services, etc.

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