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Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Coaching Work?​

Coaching is a process of conversation and inquiry around your performance, the results you want, and the results you are getting. Most often people seek out a business coach because they want to improve performance and results for themselves or the people on their team.

When engaging a coach on your team you can expect to have regularly scheduled coaching sessions and a coach as a partner in your success.




How Much Time Does it Take?

Typically we will setup a coaching program with weekly or bi-monthly coaching sessions. It’s important to have a regular schedule when it comes to the coaching process as the schedule of meetings is as much a part of your success with coaching as is the actual coaching itself. It’s all about a structure to help you or your team enhance your performance




Do You Have Packages?

I do have coaching packages and they often are tailored to each individual clients specific needs, budget, and time frame. Coaching is not a “one size fits all” kind of experience. Each individual is different, the needs of the business, and the dynamics of all of the people involved are taken into account when creating the coaching package.




How Much Does it Cost?


For a seasoned and experience business coach you should expect to invest from $300-500 per hour on the low side. And on the upper end $800-$1000 per coaching hour.

Most coaching programs will be customized for you or your business with a custom proposal that is tailored for the specific results you are seeking.

Keep in mind, coaching should be looked at as in investment into the future of your business and the people who are on your team. An investment should have an expected return which a seasons coach will be confident in helping you to achieve.


Do You Only Work With People in Person?


​No. A lot of work can be done virtually or over the phone with just as much effectiveness as in person coaching.

Do You Do Group Coaching?

Yes. I often work with partners, teams, and even entire divisions within a company. I also host coaching program for strategic partners and throughout the year will host various group coaching program opportunities.

Do You Do Training?

We do offer various trainings. Check our “Services” pages for our various programs.

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