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Create a team of Leaders so you have more time growing your business without YOU doing all the training.

It's time you met -

Does any of this sound like you?


Are you tired of seeing your managers and leaders struggle to solve the problems you were hoping they could handle and make the impact you need them to make on their team and the organization?


Do you sometimes feel frustrated and overwhelmed trying to answer all their questions?


Do you ever wish there was an easier way to get them up to speed without having to do it yourself?


Maybe you’ve tried but no matter what you did you just can’t quite get the right knowledge, skill, confidence, or motivation effectively instilled in your leaders to make you feel confident and trust they are going to handle their role in the way you want and the organization needs.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could confidently trust your managers to have the appropriate answers, that they knew how to keep their team effectively enrolled and highly productive, and how to keep everyone motivated and working as a highly effective and efficient team?



Wouldn’t it be great if they fully understood your vision and can communicate clearly with you around the vision, strategy, direction, and troubleshooting that is needed to run your business at the next level?


If you answered’re in the right place

Next Level Leadership training shows your team a proven step-by-step process of how to become a leader in
just 8 Modules.

Office Coffee Break



is an interactive coaching and training program that moves participants through a proven step by step process that sets the foundational groundwork to operate as a results-driven leader.

But.... before we go any further, I highly respect your time, so I want to be clear about who this program is for and who it is not for.


Let me show you who it is Not for first:


If you are not ready to invest in your leadership team.


If you are comfortable with slow growth.


If you are more committed to talking about all of your problems and not solving them.

If you just don’t have a leadership team yet


Then this program is just not for you right now. By the way, a lot of businesses are at this stage. It’s perfectly ok. When the time is right we will be here to help.

The Next Level Leadership Program = the Future Leaders of Your Company!

Then who is Next Level Leadership training perfect for?

If you... have someone on your team, that is a new, or fairly new, leader or manager.


If you...realize you just don’t have the time needed to do all the training yourself. 


If you...would like to have a proven and reliable way to develop effective leaders in your company. 


If you...are more than ready to focus your efforts on extremely high-value activities and turn the other stuff over to experts who can get the job done better.


If you...are committed to having highly effective people in the right spots so you can finally relax knowing you have built a well-oiled business.


Then NLL is for you. (Hooray!!!)

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No More Frustration

One challenge for new leaders and the leaders you want to step up to the next level is they don’t quite understand what it actually means. While it seems so clear to the owner of how the role should be carried out, the understanding, expectations, responsibilities, and action steps are often not clear to the new leader. This can be a big frustration point for both sides. With a few key distinctions in place, the new leader can understand the big picture of their role and really start making significantly more effective moves.


Trust is also a big issue between the leadership and the owner's team. As the owner, you really want people in your leadership to make excellent decisions and solve problems so you don’t have to be involved. This can be an enormous struggle when the new leader is used to directed instead of taking the lead and initiative. Setting up clear communication processes to have some checks and balances around decisions is really key. It relieves stress and pressure on both sides and eases a lot of fear around turning over more and more responsibilities to your new leader.

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Man Working at Desk


One of the biggest benefits most owners experience is a sense of relief as the leaders communicate, make decisions, solve problems in a vastly more effective way. It’s not that they are just doing it that matters, it’s how they are doing it. It is uncomfortable to turn over key decisions to someone else. You want to trust they are not going to just take the reins, but also that they are going to make the entire process better. This is what it means to be a Next Level Leader. The process and the organization get better. And a key benefit is a lot less stress on the owners.


Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside Next Level Leadership Training Program when you enroll your managers...the future leaders of your company.


NLL is an interactive coaching and training program that moves participants through a proven step-by-step process that sets the foundational groundwork to operate as a results-driven leader.


Here is specifically how the program works:

There are 8 Modules + a Kickoff meeting + Pre-work Assessments

We meet every 2 weeks for 90 minutes over Zoom

Once per month, each participant will have a focused 1-1 coaching session with their coach


Each participant will receive an Action Guide Workbook with assigned Fieldwork for each week.

"I was introduced to Coach Troy as a referral from another business owner who was working with him and was achieving astounding results...I have taken my business to a level I never expect I could." Shelly B.


The time is now to commit to your company's growth by developing your team. You're invited to apply to Next Level Leadership.


Applications are now being accepted for upcoming programs


100% Virtual training

Have Questions? Book a Call with Coach Troy.

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