Meet The Team


Not only do we understand business, we understand people. We will help you achieve your personal best at work with our in-depth understanding of psychology, business, and relationships. Our expertise and experience will create a whole new you as you accelerate to greater potential.

Better team, faster growth, less stress...LETS DO THIS!!!

Troy Henson

Founder & Executive Coach


Coach Troy jumped into the field of business and executive coaching nearly 20 years ago, well before having a coach was a common option for high achieving executives and entrepreneurs. His unique abilities stem from his psychological background and innate understanding of people and relationships. Combining this expertise with an in-depth command of business strategies Troy not only helps to provide the strategy and road map to transform your business, but goes beneath the surface to get you to become a new level of leader…the master of your own success. Troy will be the absolute best partner you could ask for when it comes to the growth and development of your business, your team, and your personal performance. 

Troy understands people, he understands business, and most importantly he understands you!!!

“I believe in order to reach great levels of success we must put our passion in action, learn more deeply about our selves from every experience, be willing to surrender to the necessity of our dreams, and settle for nothing less than excellence!”

– Coach Troy

Jill Besterfield

VIP Client Manager


Jill joined the EVOC team in 2017. With over 20 years' experience in video production she is a master of organization and managing the multiple facets of coordination, communication, and problem solving that it takes to effectively produce a complex solution. Using these skills, Jill is here to coordinate and provide the personal VIP attention and communication our clients deserve. You’ll see her as a regular contributor to the EVOC monthly newsletters as well as on our social media channels. She's at the ready to answer any questions and provide solutions or resources you may need. And for a good story ask her about her cats.

Kay Oliver

Executive Mentor


Kay is a Nurse Practitioner with a Masters' Degree in Psychiatry. She is truly a expert in relationship dynamics. After years of running her private psychiatry practice, Kay joined the EVOC team to share her highly tuned level of intuition and extraordinary skill to read a situation, quickly assess the core issue, and facilitate critical personal changes as an integral part of EVOC’s Business Excellence Formula. Kay has an amazing ability to connect with people at a heart level which allows her to facilitate dramatic personal changes that impact performance at all levels.