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Three Shifts You Need To Make Today

I know we all have a desire to make more money. However, as a business owner having a strong cash flowing month followed by a slow month just takes all the fun out of being a business owner. Just recently I was in a meeting where my client was bummed out because last month was really strong…and because he was so busy he didn’t get to do the prospecting work to keep up the momentum. So even though his income was high for one month, that was actually going to have to carry him through the next as well. He didn’t even get to savor in the joy of having a successful month of sales and positive cash flow. If you really want to build a consistent cash flow for your business there are three really important areas to focus on.

1. “Cut, cut, cut” VS “Do, do, do”

“CUT” your to-do list in half. If you could only “DO” 5 things for your business on any given day, what would you do?

2. “Focus on building client funnels” VS “Focusing on the next sale”

Client funnels are strategically designed systems to bring you consistent and predictable clients and income.

3. “Run the business” VS “Letting the business run you”

If you’re spending each day focused on the urgent tasks then the business is running you. Make momentum your top priority.

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