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Which Business Coach is Right for You?

(Part 4 of 5 in the Business Coach Series)

Ultimately, which business coach is right for you? Well, I think I summed this up in the past question, however, a point to add. Don’t be afraid to hire more than one coach. A client of mine made mention to me recently. He said, “I believe coaches are hired to be fired, just look at the coach’s role in professional sports. Athletes and teams hire and fire coaches regularly.” Personally, I’ve had over a dozen coaches in my professional business coaching career. Some I keep for a specific period or project, and some I keep for a purpose, whether it’s my sales coach, my accountability and focus coach, or strategy coach. I tend to move around a bit. I use the coach that I need at the time. They may not all be on payroll or in my active budget at one time, but at least one of them is on board at any given time. It’s perfectly okay to build a team of coaches. Look, building a successful business is hard. Get all the help you can get. I also highly suggest having more than just a business coach (or team). We need a peer support group that we can bounce ideas off of and use for motivation and friendly competition. We also need mentors, people who have a significant level of experience in a field. The mentors are completely different from coaches, even though they may offer some coaching or advice at times. Biggest difference is your coach is going to commit to your success. You mentor is there as a support piece.

Choosing the right coach for you is going to take examining specifically what you need from a coach at this particular time and who you think can get you there.

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