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Disruptive Effort - Do You Know What it Means?

"Disruptive Effort" is the effort you have to put in to accomplish a project that disrupts the status quo of your life. Any success leap or skill advancement requires a disruptive effort.

For our purposes, a disruption is a neutral term that is used to describe any event or idea that changes the current environment. In your personal life, this could include getting sick, dealing with a move, or having a baby. A disruption at work may be starting a new program, hiring a new employee or changing benefit options.

The idea is to plan for the increased amount of energy you will need to accomplish your goal. How will you create the time and energy? Will you cut something else back? Will you work longer hours?

As we create our new program, "Eight Weeks to Create your Business Breakthrough," I understand it will take quite a bit of disruptive energy, yet I believe it is absolutely worth the investment.

What do you want to accomplish in your personal and professional life? Plan for it and get on it! The disruption only lasts temporarily, but the results can last a lifetime.

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