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"Burn The Ships!" (Part 1)

In 1519, Hernan Cortés, of Spain, landed with a fleet of 12 ships near present day Veracruz,

Mexico. His aim was to conquer the Aztec Empire. The legend is that before launching the attack Cortés burned his ships to prevent his men from retreating.

I’ve discovered that in order to reach the goals and dreams that I set for my business success I must eliminate my options for retreat. I must do everything in my power to create the greatest possible opportunity to succeed and I must fully commit. I call it “burning the ships.”

As I’ve observed there are many critical elements to being successful. Such as

  • Set goals

  • Have a vision and a plan

  • Build an effective team

  • Focus on what you do best and let other people do what they do best

  • Overcome adversity

  • Take risks

However, I have witnessed time and again how well intentioned business owners, who have high hopes and aspirations, fail to fully commit to their success by doing what is necessary to fulfill their dreams.

Burning the ships means doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Are you ready to “burn the ships” and FULLY COMMIT to making 2016 the year where you fulfill on your dreams for great success?

(but wait…there’s more to the story…stay tuned for Part II later this week)

Can I make a suggestion?

From working with thousands of business owners over the years I’ve witnessed some specific trends that occur around those people who have created the greatest success. I define success being business/financial success AND having a healthy, balanced life.

The most successful people I know do not run haphazardly from task to task all day long until they fall down exhausted at the end of the day. Instead they are deliberate, purposeful, and most of all they are amazingly relaxed.

I’ve found, to be fully committed to my own success it’s crucial that I take the time to create the plans and the strategies that allow me to be deliberate, purposeful, and relaxed while building my business. Since this type of work tends to slide down the priority scale relatively quickly my suggestion is to utilize this time of year, being the first of the New Year, to set up the plans or “blueprint” for your success over the next year.

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