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10 Hidden Saboteurs to Success (Part 1)

Okay ladies and gentlemen it’s time for another series. This one is geared around the hidden saboteurs to your business. It’s the stuff that you and I see all of the time…in others. LOL! It’s true. We can spot this stuff a mile away. So, here’s a friendly reminder to take a look and see if you may be doing some of these in your business.

10 Hidden Saboteurs to Success

Saboteur #1: Playing Small

Here’s how I know when I’m playing small. I’m busier than heck and no money is coming in the door. Chances are I’m settling in my comfort zone by playing small and that will only keep me right where I am now. Think of one thing you can do that is outside of your normal box and would make you a little, or a lot, nervous…then do it!!!! YES!!!

Saboteur #2: Being busy Here’s the deal, being busy is not good, unless truckloads of money are coming in the door. When I’m busy that is telling me I’m out of sync with the flow. I’m paddling up stream. Here’s a better idea, be results focused. When someone asks, “How’s business?” instead of the usual answer of “I’ve been really busy lately,” try one of these

  • “I’ve been really getting a lot done lately.”

  • “I’m getting great results.”

  • “I’ve been very productive.”

Saboteur #3: The Lone Ranger mindset

Lone Rangers do too much on their own. The worst part is they make too many decisions alone. Here’s the solution, embrace the using a team to help. Then begin telling them all of the things you are doing on a regular basis. If they are truly effective for you they will supportively laugh with you and say, “Are you crazy? Why the heck are you doing all of that?” Then they will give you a big hug. Hugs and honesty go very good together! If they don’t do this for you then get a different team please.



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