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10 Hidden Saboteurs to Success (Part 2)

Our last post went over the first three saboteurs to success. Now, we will hit on numbers 4, 5 and 6.

Saboteur #4: Willingness to receive Have you heard the story of the lady trapped in her house while the flood was coming? The water is rising so fast she is forced up to her second story. When a boat comes by to rescue her she refuses the help saying, “I believe in God. God will save me.” Soon she is forced up to the roof and another boat comes, but still she refuses, “I believe in God. God will save me.” Finally a helicopter swoops in and drops a rope, but still she refuses, “I believe in God. God will save me.” Then she gets swept away by the flood and dies. Upon arriving in Heaven, she goes straight to God and says, “I believed in you, why did you let me die?” To which the Lord replied, “Lady, I sent two boats and a helicopter, what more did you want?” ASK, BELIEVE, AND RECEIVE! It’s important that we actually allow ourselves to receive the gifts that are presented to us. Often the answers we seek do not show up in the form that we have imagined but they are there. What opportunities, gifts, or answers to your greatest questions are smacking you right in the face and you are overlooking?

Saboteur #5: The Scarcity Mindset The scarcity mindset is a massive devastator to success. I’ve seen perfectly smart people who are on a perfectly good track completely derail themselves because of one little pattern of behavior that is based in scarcity thinking. Here’s the thing, the scarcity mindset is pre-programmed into our brain and it runs automatically. It’s like a computer virus. The good part is that it’s designed to protect us. It’s designed to keep us safe and out of trouble. The problem is that it is not designed to have us win big. We must overcome this and please, please, please, I beg of you, please do not try to overcome this virus alone. Trust me on this, by the time you even realize it’s happening it is too late. Here’s a solution. Change your entire environment to outsmart and overcome your scarcity patterns. Find a good mentor, a great coach, and a powerful support team. They must be good and you must trust them implicitly. They are the backbone to support you to outsmart yourself and break out of the patterns of scarcity thinking that are preventing you from having all that you deserve. Take a look at your financial position. Are you where you want to be? If not, identify the scarcity mindset pattern that stops you from expanding yourself and your business to attract all that you deserve. Go to your coach immediately and demand (yes, demand with all of your might) that they help you overcome this RIGHT NOW! You must take a stand for abundance in your life. (Besides, life’s so much more fun that way. I’m just sayin.)

Saboteur #6: Confidence I believe that a lack of confidence is the single greatest reason for a less than desired level of business success. And I see that there are two simple ways to build confidence. The first is to gain knowledge and the second is to gain experience by doing things right. The trick is to practice doing things right. It certainly does not help our confidence to keep doing the same thing that doesn’t work over and over again, even if we call that process “experience.” A better idea would be to seek support from mentors and coaches who can help you to build a success momentum. They can give you the knowledge you need, show you how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, and help you to create a plan for winning consistently.

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