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When it Comes to Building Your Business, What Do You Really Want?

When it comes to building your business, what do you really want? Would you like more clients? Would you like more income? Of course, these would be great along with all of the other benefits that come with a strong business momentum. Would it be sufficient to have more clients for just the next few months and then they dropped off again? Would it be okay to catch a financial wave and make more money for a little while then struggle to fill the pipeline once again? Personally, I would say, “No, that isn’t what I really want.”

Here’s what I want:

1) I want more people that I really love to work with, my ideal clients, flocking to me.

2) I want to exert waaay less effort to find them.

Over the past 16 years working with highly successful business owners I’ve observed a few key ingredients that are consistent among the most successful people who experience the attraction of great clients with ease. Here are three quick tips…

Develop a system

When I ask small business owners about their business generation strategy they basically tell me about the “stuff” they do. Things such as networking, mailers, trade shows, social media, etc. Most often there isn’t much of a system to it and each step works independently of each other. A true system integrates each and every piece to help the other. Step one is to build a system with each piece working to benefit the others.

Automate the system

This is where freedom occurs. A system that requires your full and undivided attention isn’t a structure to support you, it’s another job. If you’re like most of the people I work with, you certainly do not have time for another job. The systems need to be designed to run automatically and CONSISTENTLY. If it becomes your job to write, organize, print, stamp, stuff, and mail every marketing pieces then someone somewhere is going to suffer (starting with you).

Have others run the system

Ideally, hiring a new staff or team member should not be an expense. It should be a revenue boost. If you have developed systems to attract boat loads of the right clients and draw them to you like a moth to a flame and you have designed them to run automatically and consistently then all you really need is someone to help monitor and improve on the effectiveness of each system so you don’t have to. The system should add revenue to the business and the staff is there to make sure the system runs correctly.

Generating great clients, consistently, and with ease for years and years to come is the true desire of being a small business owner. Each and every thing we do should be geared for this purpose. Achieve this goal and watch your life and your business prosper and thrive.

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