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Who Centers You?

I was having breakfast with a client last week and we were discussing some tough decisions that are coming up for him. He shared his ideas with me and we discussed the options. I was able to give him some insight and toward the end of the conversation he said to me, “Thanks Coach. You really help to keep me centered.”

Running a business is a big challenge. The higher you get on the ladder of success, the bigger and more significant the decisions become. I’ve often shared with clients that while we are on the path of growth the decisions don’t get easier. The good news is we get stronger as we go so we have the ability to handle bigger decisions.

One thing that makes you stronger is having the right support team to help you when it comes to making decisions and managing the growth of your business. The support team is there to help you stay emotionally centered so you can make clear and confident decisions that keep you moving forward consistently.

Just as a thought for today, take a look at some of the areas in your business you are not developing as fast as you would like. Is that an area you are lacking the needed support to keep you emotionally centered, focused, and moving forward consistently?

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