Leading & Inspiring People

"Lead and Inspire People. Don’t Try to Manage and Manipulate People. Inventories Can Be Managed but People Must Be Led."

~ Ross Perot

Just as everyone is their own individual, there is no one type of leader. There are multiple traits that help you become a great leader. However, studies show that centeredness: being calm under pressure, listening and having empathy is the number one thing that inspires those around you. And leaders are made, not born – so no excuses about just not being a leader type person.

And leadership isn’t generic. Sure, you can attend a presentation on how to be a great leader, but you must adjust the main tenets to the specifics of your unique business model, culture and strategy. Use your strengths to build an effective leadership technique. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

The following are some proven ways that the best leaders lead: