Coach's Challenge March

Professional Development Plans vs Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)…heard of them? Often staff or team members are put on performance improvement plans when they have failed to perform in one way or another. Quite often I see this come into play more because someone has become non-compliant in their role and the leader or manager needs a way to document the behavior and reset expectations. Typically this is a last resort process. Either they follow the steps specifically outlined in the PIP or they will be terminated.

Here’s the good part about PIPs. They actually tend to work. The employee either follows it and results are produced or they are terminated. All good scenarios in terms of improving the overall team performance.

Here’s the bad part about PIP’s. Mangers tend to wait until performance has fallen below acceptable standards before the PIP is implemented. This typically doesn’t happen overnight. Which means it’s been a process of watching a declining performance over the course of weeks or months.

If the process works why wait until performance drops?