Which is more valuable: a good employee or a good client?

Which is more valuable: a good employee or a good client?

Seems to me the employee is exponentially more valuable. A good client is worth…well 1 good client. A good employee could be worth dozens of good clients. Either they help you find them or they help you keep them.

Which is harder to find: a good employee or a good client?

Most people I’ve asked say a good employee is much harder to find. Some go years before they find a good one.

Which process do you have more fully developed: finding a good employee or finding a good client?

The typical answer is the good client process is significantly more developed than the process for finding a good employee.

Hmm…makes you think a bit doesn’t it? Building your employee acquisition process is an extremely high value activity that typically gets bottom level priority. If you are planning for growth, I suggest building up the hiring process sooner than later. You'll be glad you did!

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