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Four Easy Steps to go from Uncertainty to Understanding.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I hope this message finds you and your family in good health.

I wanted to reach out as we are all going through the Coronavirus experience together and separately, I thought I would share with you some practices that might be useful and helpful... some food for thought.

As humans we are naturally uncomfortable with uncertainty. We want to know. We seek certainty and something we can count on. This is why periods of uncertainty are so uncomfortable and cause panic.

We chase the solid foundation of certainty.

From my experience in coaching for so many years I’ve learned that uncertainty is just a trick of the mind. It’s like an optical illusion.

I have had hundreds of conversations with business owners, like you, over the years and dealing with uncertainty is just the norm for’s an everyday occurrence.

Not to minimize what is happening today, moreover, to understand that uncertainty is just a trick of the mind and it comes down to “perspective” ....and there are always other perspectives.

You can learn not to panic around uncertainty and then find the right perspective that gives you all of the information you need...and (cue Yoda voice) “Certain you will be!”

As we pass through this period of uncertainty with the Coronavirus epidemic, I wanted to offer some guidance and help so you can gain a new perspective, understand the difference between facts and opinion and how mindset is everything.

Below are Four Easy Steps to help you go from uncertainty to understanding.

1. Find Balance.

It’s hard to make necessary adjustments when you are mentally, emotionally, or even physically off balance. Balanced is peaceful. Balanced is clear. If you’re not at peace you’re not balanced. If you’re not clear. You’re not centered. If you’re angry, frustrated, scared or otherwise negatively are not balanced.

Step # 1. Take 20 seconds to get balanced...stop, take deep breaths, relax your shoulders, focus your attention on where your body connects with the earth. You will feel your energy and focus drop down and in toward your solar plexus. Hold that focus on where your body connects with the earth for 2-3 breaths. Repeat until you feel balanced and centered.

2. Choose your mindset.

You have a choice. You have the ability to choose your thoughts. Remember GIGO...Garbage In Garbage Out. If you consume garbage you will manifest your thoughts around garbage. Watch what you put into your mind. Be conscious of the information you are consuming. It goes the other way too...Good In Good Out. Once you’ve centered yourself you have a clean mental slate. You can go back to the garbage thinking that keeps you stuck in uncertainty or you can choose a different mindset.

Step # 2. Mindset that leads to certainty...Instead of saying “I don’t know” start asking, “What do I know?”

3. Gather to understand.

Facts are facts...opinions are opinions. Learn to determine the difference. Evaluate the source. Think deeper. We live in a world of information overload. I’m not sure we have fully developed the muscles we need to digest all of the information...but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the ability. We just need to practice gathering information effectively.

Step # 3. One of my favorite strategies for success is to DO THE RIGHT THING AT THE RIGHT TIME. In times of uncertainty the right thing is to gather information...and keep gathering.

4. Let go.

The final step in finding the certainty you are looking for is to stop seeking it. So many people take incomplete information and try to jam in some decision and some certainty. This is happening all around us right now. Too many people trying to be “the expert” through social media and convince others they are right, and they have THE answer while others are WRONG and misinformed. The one has all of the answers. We only have a perspective. Our perspective. So, let go. Seek information. Choose thoughts that allow you to see multiple perspectives without needing to prove right or wrong and remove you from fear and negativity. And then above all, stay balanced and centered.

Step # 4. There is certainty in uncertainty if you allow it. You can’t be certain in times like these that we do not yet have all of the information. That is ok. Let it go. Each day we gather more information that gives us a greater perspective.

I hope these steps will provide some help during this uncertain time.

Remember, we’re all in this together so let’s support each other and reach out to me if I can help.


Coach Troy

EVŌC | | 602-300-9301

P.S. I’m here if you need. I’ve been scheduling free 30-minute Corona Virus Strategy Sessions. If you want to connect, shoot an email over to and we’ll plug you in.

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