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Have You Created a Perfect Client Avatar? What About a Perfect Team Member Avatar?

Have you ever created an avatar? As a business coach, it’s one of the things we work on together with our clients.

You’ll have a much easier time and more success if you know how to identify your ideal client.

It takes time to create the perfect avatar. You can’t make it once and file it away. You need to keep refining your perfect client's avatar.

Knowing who your ideal clients are and even more important, knowing who your ideal clients are not will save you time and money.

You’ll have potential clients cross your path who are looking for your product or service but just don’t fit close enough to your client's avatar. Having done the work to define the perfect client profile will give you the ability to make a quick decision and not waste time you don’t have.

Defining a client's avatar is a fairly common practice today. Most entrepreneurs have some sort of ideal client description. BUT Have you created a perfect team member/employee avatar?

Finding good team members/employees is one of the biggest stressors that entrepreneurs and owners of businesses deal with by far.

You may have been faced with this challenge too, if you have ever hired an employee or team member.

You can use the same process you used with your perfect client avatar and create your ideal team member/employee avatar.

It is a valuable evaluation tool for hiring as well as being able to make a logical decision if the candidate is a good fit or not a good fit. Once again saving you time and money.

Need some help defining your perfect team member/employee avatar?

If you’re experiencing a tough time finding the right person to add to your team.

Book a FREE no-obligation 15-minute coaching session and find out how you can stop the revolving door experience in your business. Finally, hire great people who will help you take your business to the next level.

Send me an email to and we’ll plug you in.

BTW...this is not a “sales meeting” we will actually work on your business. Let’s do this!!!

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