Don't take it from us.  Here's what our clients have to say:

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"I appreciate all of the tools Troy offers. He has an approach to coaching that keeps me on track and focusing my efforts in a productive way."
                               ~Chad Ridenour

                                Turn It On Electric

"I’ve known that I need a knowledgeable ally who cares as much about my success as I do, but It’s difficult to find a great fit.  I met Coach Troy and felt that he might be just that person.  As I have worked with him, he has demonstrated his knowledge and his commitment to my success each time we meet."

               ~Troy Anderson

               CEO & Founder, Allied Code

"Troy has been a fantastic business coach.  I was skeptical about hiring a coach and was not sure what kind of results someone could provide.  I figured out after the 3-4 visits just how valuable his knowledge was...I was able to get a lot done...Troy is great with brainstorming and really put me in the right direction."

                            ~Eli Hall

                            President, AZ Lawns

"These meetings and framework allow me to better my leadership skills.  Having common goals throughout the company and everyone rowing in the same direction has helped with both Top line and Bottom line!"
                                    ~Joshua Farley

                        Redline Electric & Solar

"...Structure that has allowed our company to continue to reach and surpass goals, plus a very trusted adviser and friend.  We identified new target markets and successfully captured  market share, resulting in record sales and profits for our company in each of the past three years."

                       ~Rudy Troisi

                        President & CEO

          Reliable Background Screening

"Troy has a ton of knowledge in many types of business which he uses to elevate his client's business to higher levels & better productivity...decisions that leaders or key people need to make he brings clarity to help make the right decision."

                             ~Mike Palomino


                  Palomino Insurance Group

"I was introduced to Coach Troy as a referral from another business owner who was working with him and was achieving astounding results...I have taken my business to a level I never expect I could.  The EVOC coaching program is specific and accountable.  It stretches me to limits I did not realize I could reach.  Year over Year gross income increased 23% from 2017 to 2018...in 3 short years, I've become known as a Commercial Real Estate Expert."

                        ~Shelly Branscom

             Director, NAI Maestas & Ward

"What I learned is that a lot of small businesses experience the same exact things as me, regardless of the industry. Coach Troy taught me the importance of priorities, doing the right things at the right time, and focusing on what is most important to accomplish my objectives.

...as a leader, you are accountable to every employee and every client. Having weekly assignments and follow-up meetings with Coach Troy also made me accountable to him.  And now I have a better relationship with my teams and a better understanding of what drives my business."

                                  ~Mike Wright

                                  Franchise Owner

                               Elements Massage