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Group Meeting

How long does the coaching program last?

  • It’s a 4 month program that will lay down critical foundational concepts and strategies. After that there will be option to move to the next level of KP Coaching and Mastermind program that is more of an ongoing program. Only people who have completed the initial KP Development Program will be allowed into the KP Coaching and Mastermind.

How much is the investment?

  • The program will run at a retail investment of close to $3700 per person. Currently it is being offered through 2020 at a discount of $2900.


Who pays?

  • This part is up to you and your KP. My suggestion is for your KP to have a personal investment stake in the program. An agreement I’ve seen work out very well is for the business to cover the coaching investment with a promise that the KP completes the program and receives a positive letter of participation from the coach. If not, either they back out or they do not receive a positive letter of participation then they are on the hook personally to repay the business for the investment. 



What is the format? Is it live, or virtual, or other?

  • This is a live, in person, group coaching program. It will be held in person at the EVOC HQ offices in Scottsdale, AZ. Each group will have no more than 6 participants.

  • In the near future we will be opening it up to virtual coaching platforms for people not located in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Currently that is not an option.


What is the time commitment?

  • Participants will meet twice per month for 90-minute coaching session and will have access to their coach as needed via phone, email, and text.


What if it doesn’t work or if my KP starts doing stuff I don’t like?

  • There is no such thing as “not working”… unless you have the wrong person in the position. Sometimes we end up with the wrong person in the position. No amount of coaching will turn the wrong person into the right person. Through the communication strategies we will be training and developing your KP will move their level of communication to a point where you will be able to share ideas and solve problems in a much faster, easier, and productive manner. So if something is happening that you don’t like you will be able to communicate that with them.


If I want you to help them with a specific issue they have can you do that?

  • Truthfully…it depends. Of course we can look into the issue specifically and then make a plan from there.


Will I get reports on their progress?

  • Progress will be observable in their behavior and results. There is no specific reporting you’ll get from the coach.


Will I have access to the coach if I have questions?

  • Yes

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