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When you empower your Key Person, great things start to happen within your business.​


Having a great key person or right-hand man (woman) allows you to focus on what you do best, enables your company to grow and eliminates the dependence on the owner for growth.

How do you drive up the value of the 
Key Person in your organization?

Relationship Building

Here's How....

Imagine your key employee, right-hand man (or woman) or second, whatever you want to call them, and you were working in great synchronized unison.


They’re solving problems, communicating exactly the information you need, handling the details and minutia that bogs you down so you have much more available time and can focus confidently on those high value activities that you are much better suited to accomplish.


  • Easier

  • More productive

  • Better communication

  • Solving problems

  • Achieving results


This is the coaching program to develop your Key Person into a high-performance teammate.


Meet Coach Troy

With a dynamic vision, energy, passion, and guts Coach Troy has earned his respect by coaching, training, and speaking to thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals for over 18 years.

Troy is a graduate of Coach U, the world’s largest Coaching Training School, holds a Psychology degree from the University of California, at Santa Barbara, as well as a minor degree in Sports Management, has been a certified trainer with the Referral Institute, a Senior Director Consultant with BNI, the worlds largest word of mouth marketing company, is a professionally

“I believe in order to reach great levels of success we must put our passion in action, learn from every experience, and settle for nothing less than excellence!” – Coach Troy

Here's Why...

Why do we want to own our own business?

So we can have more freedom right? We want the freedom to choose!!

  • Time Freedom…if I want to work I can work. If I want to take time off I can take time off. Nobody can fire me because I’m the boss.

  • Opportunity Freedom…if I want to work hard to create an opportunity I can. Nobody can tell me I can’t, because I’m the boss. I can focus on whatever it is I want.

  • Financial Freedom…I can make as much as I’m willing to earn. Nobody is capping my salary.

Becoming an entrepreneur and a business owner provides some harsh lessons on reality. And as it seems in the business world, the reality of being an entrepreneurial business owner means yes, you do have Time Freedom, Opportunity Freedom, and Financial Freedom but the harsh reality is...


these freedoms are not actually free















...and there are some significant sticking points that entrepreneurs and business owners get caught up in.

The main one is that we run out of time. There quickly comes a point where there just are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that you need to accomplish.

So, what’s the solution?


Expand your capacity.


Hire someone to take on some of the work.


Lather rinse and repeat throughout the business growth cycle.


Run out of time, expand capacity, hire more people.


Pretty soon you have enough people on the team that you need someone besides yourself to make some decisions. And you have to be able to trust them to make the right decisions.


In a small business this person becomes your Key Person. They come in various titles, and can have various responsibilities, and with VARIOUS experiences.

The Key Person joins your team and you want them to:

  • Take on significant responsibility and some decision making

  • Solve problems

  • Fix stuff you cant get to, or just don’t have the skill set, or personality set to take on 

  • Read your mind

  • Anticipate your thoughts

  • Get where you’re coming from

  • Even be a step ahead of you


But let’s face it, they will never be a step ahead of you, will they?


You are the visionary. You started the company. You’ve built every system. You’ve designed every process.


Likely you've even hired many of the staff yourself.


You really just need someone to solve the day-to-day problems that you don’t really want to deal with anymore, so you can get after some of the more High Value Activities(HVAs).






And that is where you are losing when it comes to your Key Person.


You need this person to be the best.


The absolute best at what they do…and WAAAY better than you!

Ultimately what you want is:

Someone you can trust to initiate solutions, report important information, and get results!

Time Freedom

Bussinessman in Modern Office

If you had 20% more time in your week what impact would that have on your business?

The objective of the Key Person in your business is simple…




If you had 20% more time in your week what impact would that have on your business?

I’d say it would make a pretty significant impact. The challenge is that your Key Person needs coaching.

They need tools that likely they’ve not been given or even had much of the chance to acquire throughout their career to this point.


Let’s face it, many people that hold the key employee positions have just recently elevated to that level of responsibility.


It’s new to them.


And for the most part they are doing well…but, there are a few tweaks here and there that you would really love to see them make.


And it’s just not helping you to create 20% more time in your week to try and coach them.

It is perfectly OK for you to stop trying to be the coach and get back to focusing on those


For the first time in months....

I've opened up Enroll for my


Key Person Coaching and Mastermind Program.

Professional Leadership

The #1 Reason 2020 Is the Time to Develop Your Key Person

Business People Applauding

In this program your Key Person will address specific skill sets and strategies in three key areas…

  • Personal Foundation, Productivity, and Self-leadership

    • Organization, focus, life balance, and maintaining healthy personal habits and  rhythms.


One of the biggest failure points of the Key Person in an organization is around personal maintenance which leads to burn out or break down. The Key Person can carry a great deal of stress as there is a high level of expectation for productivity and results. They need to pay for themselves even while their position is often not directly revenue producing.

It’s important for your Key Person to have solid personal foundation skills that keep their mind, body, and energy healthy so they can stay at the top of their game.

  • Leadership and communication strategies

    • ​Enrollment, negotiation, understanding personality types, decision making​, and maintaining high performance culture

There is a fundamental missing piece in business training these days…effective relationship building which includes problem solving, communication, and decision making.

You want and need your Key Person to be able to effectively listen, understand, and translate your ideas, thoughts, plans, and concepts to the team in order to produce the results you desire. Having a well-tuned set of communication skills as well as the leadership fundamentals is key to adding to the effectiveness of your Key Person…and reducing your stress.

  • Results Based Management skills

    • Accountability, reporting, productivity tracking, effective meeting structures


Many people come into the Key Person position with skills that are self-taught and gained through valuable experience. While effective in many circumstances, they’re often missing some of the fundamental skills that will allow them to more effectively manage a larger responsibility load and produce a higher level of result.

I often see the Key Person reaching a burnout or breakdown stage simply because they are missing some of the fundamentals that will allow them to manage and produce more with less effort.



The concept of Mastermind Groups was first introduced by Napoleon Hill. In his book Think and Grow Rich (1937) he described Mastermind as a group of at least two people who come together with the aim of solving problems. Hill’s findings mainly based on studying successful American companies which had some sort of Mastermind Groups.

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].” — Napoleon Hill

In addition to the skill sets and advanced level strategies, this program is designed to provide a strong support structure for your Key Person in the way of the Mastermind Peer Support.

This is a group coaching and Mastermind style program which will provide a needed component of peer support to go along with the coaching and training of new skills and strategies.


This component gives your Key Person a network of peers who can provided feedback, challenges, friendly competition, alternative perspectives, and overall camaraderie.


These are invaluable resources that will enhance their learning, improve their consistency, and overall drive up the value of the Key Person to your organization.

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