There is absolutely nothing to lose by putting a Coach on your team.  Read the food for thought below as to why you might want to hire one...

“Coaching is the single greatest catalyst for success in the world”

Winners and elite performers in any situation have a level of mastery in the fundamentals of success that have been developed and honed to precision. This can only be done with the support of a professional coach.

We are all born with the ability to excel. Coaching unlocks this potential and allows you to bring out your best and experience new levels of success.

EVÓC has an extensive portfolio of game changing opportunities. Each game changing program is designed to work separately or together to take your business to a whole new level. A game changing opportunity is when your business shifts from surviving to thriving. These programs will connect your passion to action and will accelerate your business.

Strategic Planning & Tactical Execution


Planning is a step…execution gets results.

You want results…better, faster, easier.

We help you establish effective plans that can be easily managed for consistency, growth, & results

Executive Coaching


Many of our clients find it's a lonely place at the top. We make ourselves your partners so your are no longer alone at the top.

Plans, People, Profit, Productivity...we help simplify your executive leadership effort with well developed frameworks that return your time back to you.

Leadership Development

Are you developing Leaders in your organization?

Do you attract and retain the right people?

Is your team delivering top performance?


 01  Gain Confidence.

You gain wisdom, speed, productivity, insight, focus, clarity, a sounding board, accountability, strategic focus, tips, tools, tricks to speed the process, foresight, hindsight, helps you see what you cannot, challenge, understanding, a helping hand, a caring butt-kicking, someone who knows your strengths and your weaknesses.

The list of values is vast, but perhaps the number one benefit of enlisting a business coach is to gain confidence. When you know you’ve run your ideas, thoughts, fears, strategies, concerns by someone you trust and you get the feedback to make the right adjustments where you can feel confident in your direction, and you have someone who will pick you up when you need it, and keep you going in a powerful way.



It keeps you moving forward.




 02  Having issues with people...hiring, firing, keeping good ones.

Ah, the age old problem that only seems to get worse.  Finding the right people.  Getting rid of the bad apples.  Keeping the assets to your team. 


A Coach can help you with the skills you need to find the right employees.  This is not a process to be taken lightly.  And yes, there are teachable steps to take.  What talent pool are you looking in?  Are you a poor interviewer?  Have you made the same kind of hiring mistakes over and over?  Do you have a good review process in place and know when to pull the firing trigger?  Can you hold on to the best?

Building and motivating a strong team around you is essential to the success of your business.  Possibly the most important aspect.  Don't ignore it.




 03  Increase Sales.

Let’s get you off of the up and down cash flow roller coaster.

To increase sales, we can improve the top line revenue number by increasing sales volume, unit sale price, and/or raise your pricing or fees. To do this however, does not necessarily address the up and down cash flow roller coaster that most businesses are riding. Our coaching programs can address your sales process and strategy to improve top line sales consistency as well as reduce the up and down cash flow cycle.


 04  Which Coach is right for me?


Look for someone who you want to impress. If you don’t want to impress your coach and you’re not excited that he/she is proud of you and your accomplishments, then you’ll be less inclined to do the work.  


Are they committed to you? THIS is HUGE!!!


When I take on a new client, especially at the prospecting stage where they are feeling me out and looking to see if I’m a good fit. I want them to know that I’m the one who’s going to make sure they succeed. I’m not just a business coach…I’m a critical component to their own personal success. You’re not an appointment. You're my success story and even though you’re hiring me, I’m investing in you!! I’ve got your back! I will make sure you succeed! I will be there at the finish line waiting for you to cross!! 


That’s what you want to look for in hiring a coach. Are they committing to your success?


 05  Coaches can be there for your specific needs at a certain time.


​It’s perfectly okay to build a team of coaches. Look, building a successful business is hard. Get all the help you can get.

Personally, I’ve had over a dozen coaches in my professional business coaching career. Some I keep for a specific period or project, and some I keep for a purpose, whether it’s my sales coach, my accountability and focus coach, or strategy coach. I tend to move around a bit. I use the coach that I need at the time.

I also highly suggest having more than just a business coach (or team). We need a peer support group that we can bounce ideas off of and use for motivation and friendly competition. We also need mentors, people who have a significant level of experience in a field. The mentors are completely different from coaches, even though they may offer some coaching or advice at times. Biggest difference is your coach is going to commit to your success. Your mentor is there as a support piece.

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