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When Should You Hire A Business Coach?

(Part 1 of 5 in the "Business Coach" Series)

When should you hire a business coach? The common answer, especially coming from a long time business coach soon as you can. I would even say before then would be ideal. Yep, you need to hire a coach before you can! Why? In 16 years of coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners there’s a key thought process that separates the winners from the spinners (those that spin their wheels without gaining significant traction) and that is the “CAN DO” mentality. The life of an entrepreneur is a perpetual “want to but…” scenario.

“I’d love to expand my marketing but…”

“I’d love to hire a new sales manager but…” And there’s always a “but” in the way, not enough money, not enough time, etc. The list goes on. Those that excel just stop before the “but” and they find a way to make it happen. I’d love to hire a coach. PERIOD, end of sentence. Hire them now. There is absolutely nothing to lose by putting a coach on your team. You gain wisdom, speed, productivity, confidence, insight, focus, clarity, a sounding board, clarity, accountability…and maybe even most important…your coach will never leave you dragging your BUT around wondering when you should do something. NOW!! Stop spinning, start winning.

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