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6 Magic Phrases That Will Transform Your Business

Want to know the 6 magic phrases that will absolutely transform your business?

#1 - Strategic Plan

If you don't have one, stop reading this right now, and make it happen. Set aside time with your business partner, mentor, or coach immediately. There is no way to ensure you are meeting your goals if you haven't set them.

#2 - Play Big!

There’s no way we can reach our dreams if we don’t at least shoot for them. Play big, release your fears, and go for it. Build a structure to support achieving a goal twice as big as you think is reasonable. You might not hit the mark, but at least you’re playing the game. And guess what, more times than I can count I’ve seen people completely and totally surprise themselves by achieving more than they ever thought possible, just by raising the bar.

#3 - Speed - GSDF, Get Stuff Done Fast

So often we hold ourselves back because we spend so much time worrying about the “right” way to do something. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to fix or upgrade something that already exists than it is to create something from scratch? Business today is all about speed and agility. So if you’ve been putting something off, like writing that book, it’s time to GSDF. Think outside the box if you have to, but focus on getting results and getting them fast.

#4 - Team

If you want to get big results fast, you want to have people around you who think at a big results fast level. Three critical components to this “big results fast” team are your business/strategic Coach, your Mentor, and your Peer Support group. Each of these pieces hold a critical element to your success.

#5 - Breakthrough Growth

I’ll tell you that most people don’t see breakthrough growth because they aren’t playing for breakthrough growth. They don’t have breakthrough visions or aspirations. Not because they wouldn’t like it. Most people would absolutely love to see their business triple or even quadruple in revenues. The problem is that they don’t believe it can happen and they believe that if it did happen then for some odd reason they would suffer because of it.

I want you to know, absolutely, that BREAKTHROUGH GROWTH is possible and YOU CAN HAVE IT NOW!!! So set your intent to have breakthrough growth today!!

#6 - Overcome Everything

There is nothing more important to breakthrough growth than taking advantage of every opportunity you have to invest in yourself and your business. The biggest challenge to taking advantage of the opportunities available to us are the reasons, excuses, and perceived obstacles we have to overcome in order to take the necessary actions. This is why the final magic phrase to create your breakthrough growth and success are, OVERCOME EVERYTHING!!!

There are always obstacles to climb over. I have yet to see a truly successful person or business that hasn’t had to move mountains. Please just take a look at your reasons, your excuses, and your justifications for why things are not the way you want them to be. Then commit to yourself that you will overcome this. That you will be bigger than this challenge and that you will have breakthrough growth and radical success in spite of anything.

Put these six magic phrases together to drive your success. Your STRATEGIC PLAN sets you up to PLAY BIG, and do it with SPEED and velocity. Develop, strengthen, and utilize your TEAM to keep you thinking big, and producing big, so you can have BREAKTHROUGH GROWTH, not just growth. And whenever something comes up to get in the way, remember your commitment to OVERCOME EVERYTHING! Nothing will stop you from the success and business growth you desire.

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