Perspective Matters!!!

We can honestly say that no one has gone through the type of situation we are dealing with now. Yet we have all gone through a recession before, and not too long ago. One of the greatest experiences that I had coming out of that recession is watching my clients rebound fast (relatively). If you ask them, they may not have felt it was so fast. However, when I compared the rebound progress of many of my clients to others (in the same fields) that I was observing, my clients were significantly farther along in their recovery period than the others. They rebounded faster! There are many factors for this but one I like to believe is because they were doing the appropriate strategic work. Together we were focusing on having the Big Picture perspective discussions and thinking critically through multiple possibilities. We routinely talked through their Mindset perspectives and worked through their fears and head trash to keep them mentally focused. We also worked to keep a consistent focus on the opportunities and actually have the crucial Opportunity perspective discussions even when they were scared to death of losing their businesses, their homes, and yes even their families.

Over the next few days I’m going to share with you my thoughts for our situation today around each of the three crucial perspectives; Big Picture Perspective, Mindset Perspective; and Opportunity Perspective and offer you my suggestions on what you can be doing now to set yourself up for the fastest possible rebound when this Corona Virus pandemic winds down.

The Big Picture Perspective

Welcome to 2020 where the game has changed. I love the concept “When everything changes, change everything.”